Backup Plans…

…To accompany an article in Harvard Business Review, debating the need (or not) for career backup plans, would they aid or hinder the performance of your dream career?

“My aunt always told my cousin, an aspiring dancer, that she should get a teaching degree to fall back on. – For some people, not making a backup plan might indeed be beneficial in helping them put their best effort forward. Some parents assume that having a backup plan is always a good thing, yielding but positive outcomes.”
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New Fashion Illustrations…

…The first of several new Fashion Illustrations ready for London Fashion Week…

…These are the first 3 from one series, a couple more pieces to come…


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…And here’s another from a different series…


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The land of the Rising Vine…

…New for Square Meal Magazine to accompany an article on the rise in popularity and quality of Japanese Wines. – You may know your sushi from your sashimi, but how much do you know about Japanese wine? The native grape Koshu produces delicate whites that every wine lover should try.

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