Hi, over the next 18 months or so, I am undertaking an M.A. in Illustration at the University of Lincoln in the UK. I intend to post all of my progress on this blog for 3 reasons, first of all to show my work and gauge a reaction to it, secondly as a research aid for my lecturers and finally as a promotional aid for my work to the big wide world. Hope you like it and come back regualarly…

The initial proposal is as follows:

I would like to approach my M.A. from a professional point of view and use the time as wisely as is possible to re-invigorate my existing career.

To fulfil the academic requirements of the course I intend to write a visual diary of progress during the course in the form of a ‘Blog’ to include web links that are inspiring me to show my research rather than to collect copy and print lots and lots of small scale reference. This should give me more time to get on with my own work.

Initially I intend to produce several ‘quick’ illustrations in the ‘style’ of illustrators/artists/designers whom inspire me. I’ll produce them one project at a time and think about the next project as the current one is developing.

Project number 1 will be ‘The Elements’
I intend to produce 1 illustration for each of the 4 elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water and each will be executed in a completely different ‘style’ and medium, the ‘style’ will be greatly inspired by an illustrator whom I am influenced by. ie:

Painting – Nicholas Wilton
Digital – Marion Deuchars
Printmaking – Jonny Hannah
3D – Red Nose Studios

These projects should continue for the first 5/6 months of the course (or until I feel I have decided on the style(s) that I am most comfortable with and would like to pursue further. At the moment I am thinking of printmaking for general work and 3D model making for a stop motion animation series. (This though is subject to change as the course progresses.)

The projects for the remainder of the course will be much larger, I’d like to produce:

– A series of 12 images for a limited edition calendar in the printmaking department.

– An artist’s book of some description.

– A full animation in 3D stop motion.

I would also like to enter as many competitions as time will allow.

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