Project No.1 – The Elements (part 1 of 4)

The Elements – Earth, Air, Fire & Water

With this project I don’t wish to dwell for any length of time on ideas generation or development, but simply to make a quick start and get the course up and running.

It’s really very simple, the 4 elements each illustrated in a simple but effective way and each of the elements inspired by a different illustrator.

The illustrators who have inspired this project are:

Marion Deuchars

Jonny Hannah

Nicholas Wilton

Red Nose Studio

Below is the first of the 4 Elements projects – ‘AIR’

The Illustrator whom inspired the ‘style’ is Marion Deuchars – see link above.

My response to the brief was to concentrate on a local heroine, Amy Johnson. She was born in Hull in July 1903, and enrolled on a B.A. degree at Sheffield University in 1923. After moving to London to become a legal secretary Amy decided early in 1930 to try achieve her objective: to fly solo to Australia and to beat Bert Hinkler’s record of 16 days. She set off alone in a single engine Gypsy Moth from Croydon on May 5, 1930, and landed in Darwin on May 24, an epic flight of 11,000 miles. She was the first woman to fly alone to Australia.

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