Mini Update No: 1

Good Morning my loyal subjects (I can write rubbish like this while nobody is viewing it –ha ha!)

Over the last few days there hasn’t been a lot of ‘blog’ activity, and I certainly didn’t want to enter this yesterday on the rather pretentious National Blog Day, but you can rest assured that I have been quite busy. I have finished the initial ideas generation for the first project ‘The Elements’ and the reference is also complete. For this project I began a couple of weeks ago with an advertising theme, ie, Nike Air, Firetrap Jeans, Buxton Water and Friends of the Earth (even going a reasonable way into an illustration of Michael Jordan for Nike Air), however I found this very restricting from a creative point of view and rather than approach this course as purely illustrative, I want to be much more creative. Having worked as an illustrator for so many years, this is going to prove a challenge in itself.

For ‘Earth’ I am starting a painting today, initially scrubbing some thinned oil into a canvas to stain it, followed by a couple of layers of Griffin Alkyd (for those of you who don’t know, Griffin Alkyd is a fast drying oil paint manufactured by Winsor & Newton.) Whilst that is drying I can get on with the pencil drawings for the painting in my sketchbook. Nicholas Wilton is the illustrator who I am using to inspire the stylistic approach.

For ‘Water’ my inspiration is the movie ‘The Life Aquatic’ starring Bill Murray, just the most brilliant and eccentric film of the past couple of years. I have a DVD on the way to allow me to complete some drawings and to help with the 3D rendering as it is to be inspired by Red Nose Studio. This one I will say from the start is the one that I am most apprehensive about as I really haven’t had any 3D experience since my Foundation Course many moons ago and even then it was limited. I have bought a product made by Fimo, it’s a bit like mouldable clay, but once dry can be cut, carved and sawn like wood, so it should be fun.

Finally ‘Fire’, this is the one proving to be most inspirational and for that I am extremely pleased as I am going to use Jonny Hannah and Printmaking in general to start the project and then probably take it further into a project of its own. At a meeting with 2 of the University’s lecturers yesterday (Brian Peacock and Howard Pemberton) my theme for fire, Fireworks seemed to snowball. It was suggested that rather than just produce a poster or 2D piece of artwork that I actually re-package some fireworks and take it much further. I won’t give too much away just yet, but watch this space….

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