Chinese Horoscopes…

Well, what can I say, getting married is certainly the highlight of my life thus far, it was simply wonderful in The Maldives apart from the weather and Cheryl getting food poisoning, but that’s another story.

Whilst there I simply did nothing apart from swim with the fish (and sharks) and read a couple of Dan Brown books, what’s all the fuss about there??

Since returning it’s been a different story, I’ve just worked my proverbials off to complete an editorial job – all 12 Chinese Horoscopes and a full page opener for the article. Nothing terribly creative, but it’s going to pay a couple of bills and help out at Xmas that’s for sure…

(Please click on the images to enlarge and note, the thumbnails are at times displayed inverted – a ‘Blogger’ problem I’m afraid.)

1 thought on “Chinese Horoscopes…

  1. Getting married is a pretty far thing for me but my sister just tied the knot last December. I am quite scared of marriage actually and honestly, I don’t think that there would come a time that I would be in one… My Chinese horoscope says that the year that I am born at (rabbit) are people who are sort of into love or something, somehow, its not what is happening to me. But I guess, in due time, it would all turn out right for me.

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