Oh Dear What Have I Done???

A few of the ordered books have arrived, I’m going to attempt to read them and understand them, but it’s an awful lot for a visually based person like me to take in, so bare with me.

‘The Essential Hegel’ – by Paul Strathern published by Ted Smart (Virgin Books) 2003

This book was supposed to be accessible, perhaps it is to the right people, but even Mr Strathern seems to be quite condescending to Hegel in places. How Hegel could have influenced Karl Marx in quite such a big way I am yet to fathom out. My limited readings of Marxism seem to digest what he is saying and relate to his theories much more readily than his predecessor. For that reason I won’t go into any of the details in the book other than to quote a few of Hegel’s selected writings.

“It is possible to show that the notion of philosophy is implicit even in our everyday thinking. We begin with our immediate perceptions and desires, but these soon urge us beyond their immediacy towards the apprehension of something greater than ourselves – an infinite being and infinite will. This is the course I have pursued in The Phenomenology of Mind.” – The Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences in Outline, 3

“Experience and history teach us this: that nations and governments have never learned a thing from history, or acted in accordance with anything they might have learned from it.” – Lectures on the Philosophy of World History, Introduction

“So to be independent of public opinion is the first formal condition of achieving anything great or rational, either in life or science. Such achievement will assuredly be recognised in time by public opinion, which will duly transform it into one of its own prejudices.” – The Philosophy of Right, 318

“The universal mind manifests itself in art as intuition and imagery, in religion it manifests itself as feeling and representative thinking, and in philosophy it occurs as pure freedom of thought. In world history the universal mind manifests itself as the actuality of mind in its entirety of internality and externality….” -The Philosophy of Right, World History

Other books to have arrived and to be read are:
‘William Morris by Himself – Designs and Writings’ by Gillian Naylor
‘The Poetics Of Space’ by Gaston Bachelard
‘Teach Yourself Postmodernism’ by Glenn Ward

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