Promo/Folio Piece…

Since my last posting a few days ago I have been busy adding to my sketchbook work, some examples of which will appear on these pages in the very near future.

I have also been continuing my ‘Dreamweaver’ education and adding to my web site re-design.

I have also produced another peice of promotional artwork for my folio. It is titled, ‘(colour) Blind Promise’ and is based around the idea of people making promises that can’t be kept, hence the hand on heart and the inspiration of an ‘Ishihara’ colour blindness test card, using the word ‘Promise’. Obviously those of you who are colour blind will not be able to see this. Another simple and effective conceptual solution.

The early stages of the next main Unit: ‘Practice and Practise’ has been started, plenty of questions being asked here. It should be an eye opener that’s for sure.

Along with these projects I have also spent some time entering competitions, I have put three pieces into the 3X3 Professional show, three pieces into the Communication Arts Illustration competition and one entry into this months Creative Match ‘Flair’ competition. I have also spent a little time getting a series of peices printed ready for promotion.

Finally, on top of all this, I have become another year older, yes, Saturday was my birthday – did I hear somebody say CAKE!?…

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