Web Presence updated…

Hi all

I have been busy updating my Web presence over the last few days. I’ve updated my portfolios on the Association of Illustrators web site, the Portfolios.com website and created two new accounts, first of all I’ve joined the MySpace party, I’m not sure yet quite how this will benefit me, it at all, but the more times that work is seen on line, the better, so it can’t hurt. Secondly I have joined another web site which looks to me to be very similar to MySpace, but specifically for Artists, Designers, Photographers etc. As it’s a new venture, we’ll see how it takes off, but the reason for getting involved is the same as the MySpace one really, it’s all marketing.

Finally, I have registered and purchased a new domain name, mainly for all new work produced whilst doing my M.A. and beyond as it really won’t sit too well with my current ‘style’ of artwork. The name is: http://www.garlandtwo.com, I haven’t yet added a link to it as a concept for layout and design is still being sorted, as soon as it officially goes live, it’ll be posted here first.

So, on to the hyperlinks for the updated stuff above.

  • A.O.I. Portfolio
  • Portfolios.com Portfolio
  • Paul Garland MySpace page
  • Paul Garland MyArtProfile page
  • That’ll do for today, It’s back to the re-design of my original web site tomorrow, hopefully that won’t be too far away now….

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