At last a good day, the first for a wee while…

I’ve been progressing reasonably well with my Dreamweaver education, though it’s frustrating to teach yourself sometimes, it can also be the best way to get things done. The biggest problem that I have had was such a simple thing, but seems quite critical, so if anybody else can get anything from this then all’s well and good.

Basically, my problem with uploading a page to my new web site was becoming extremely frustrating as I could see that it was uploading, but then there was just one part that failed, it was the index page. I named the file with the full web address and then /index.html which was just not working and i couldn’t work out for the life of me what the problem was, even the hosting company seemed to over look it as I had e-mailed them on around 4 occassions, the replies that the support team were coming up with were just totally unconnected to the problem and yet I had written in plain English exactly what I had done and included a pasted FTP report from Dreamweaver as to the problem. In the end it was a fresh pair of eyes from my beautiful wife who managed to spot the simple fact that I just needed to call the file simply ‘index.html’ and the software and host would automatically sort the rest. Hey ho. Still, it’s not bad for a first attempt and a temporary page until I get to sort the design for the rest of it. Next is the complete re-design for ‘’, that’ll be fun with several pages I’m sure, but I aim to get it done within the next two weeks if not much sooner.

So here it is: please excuse the spelling mistake, I know it’s there, but frankly, for the amount of peope that will probably see it I will leave it for now…

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