Although it may look as though activity has been a little slow over the last week and probably more I can assure you that I have been very busy. For some time now Cheryl and myself have been talking about the lack of space within our house, whilst it is a 3 bedroom property, we both work from home and as a result, home really doesn’t feel like home, we are constantly at work if you get my drift. If I’m totally honest it is all my stuff that is spilling out into every room, but that’s just the life of an illustrator I suppose.

Anyway, to get to the point, we have decided to move, we’ve found a property that needs serious work doing to it, but will give us much more space to extend and also room in the garden for a log cabin which will become my new studio – can’t wait. So fingers crossed within the next couple of months we should move. As a result of this Cheryl asked me to design a card for friends and family etc. which I have just done…

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