Illustration Friday – 100% Conscience…

The start of a new series has dawned, this is a series of iconic images – reworked and given the ‘Garland’ treatment. The first is the very famous image of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, originally photographed by Alberto ‘Korda’ Diaz (1928-2001) on 5th March, 1960. This image is thought to be the most widely reproduced image in the world, so, following a recent viewing of ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’, a biography of the young (23 year old) Ernesto on his first trip outside of Argentina. He has therefore become the subject of my first icon.

So here is my ‘Che’, currently in two colour versions, complete with a credit to Korda, as hasn’t been the case too regularly before. Give Korda the credit he deserved…

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