My grim couple of months…

…As mentioned a couple of postings ago, I have had a bit of a ropy few weeks, first of all my Nan passed away on Easter Sunday, she was a lovely lady and will be sorely missed – hope you are having a ball wherever you are Nanny, love you…

…And then, to make things even worse, much worse in fact, my wife Cheryl was diagnosed with breast cancer just a couple of days later, the tumour has already been successfully removed, it’s now a case of lots of Chemo followed by an intense series of Radiotherapy.  Love you darling…

…So, what now, well first of all I have contacted the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity to offer my creative self to them in any way that I may be able to help.  I was also subsequently sent an e-mail directly from the organisers of an exhibition titled, Capture:Cure 2010 in aid of the aforementioned charity, the 36 top artworks are to be auctioned off to raise funds.  Here is my first entry, I have several ideas, so keep your eyes peeled for more, the works may all be voted for on their Facebook page, I’ll place a direct link here as soon as the work goes up…

The Courage of Venus_Paul Garland

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