An apology…

…I’d like to make a formal apology to Aesthetic Apparatus an illustration/design group from Minneapolis.  This morning I received an e-mail pointing out that a piece of work that I have recently produced was remarkably similar to one of their posters for a band called the Submarines.  I’d therefore like to extend this apology to both the band and their record label.  The image was produced by myself as a charity based image which hasn’t come to fruition and will therefore never see the light of day.  However, plagiarism is a serious matter and one that I have never consciously entered into.  I cannot stress enough that this was produced as a matter of the subconscious after having seen the Aesthetic Apparatus image many years ago.  I know how this affects creative people, I myself was a victim of it a couple of years ago after a poster that I produced for London Transport in 2004 was very closely parodied by Conran Design for the cover of a book about the very same subject in 2007, the book wasn’t withdrawn, I had no apology, and no royalties were made to myself, I contacted the Association of Illustrators who looked into the situation for me and, after contacting their legal team, came back to me with the statement that ‘Ideas cannot be copyrighted, only artworks themselves.’  Therefore, I know how this feels and have since put it down as one of those things and counted it as a compliment to have had my work parodied by one of the largest design companies in the world.

Nevertheless, the image has been withdrawn from my folio and is in the process of being withdrawn from my online folios.  I do not wish to be known as a plagiarist in any way, my strong point has up until now been my ideas based conceptual work and for that I am very proud.  Please accept that this was simply a case of my subconscious influencing my work…

My Image in an older ‘style’ of Illustration

The Conran book

5 thoughts on “An apology…

  1. Dan/Michael,

    Thank you both for your attitude towards this, though it has deeply upset me that it has happened at all as I have tried to explain in my apology.

    Very best wishes to you both.


  2. Paul, thanks for your honesty in this situation. Other artists might go on the defense in a scenario like this.
    Something that Michael and I speak about often is how easily others’ visual and conceptual ideas can seep into our own creative process. Neither of us can really look too much at other people’s stuff ourselves, because we worry that we’ll inadvertently rip them off somehow. So, no harm done. I think it’s just the run-off of the creative process.

    Keep up the great work!


  3. Paul,

    I have the same views on the copyright laws and feel it is important to maintain them. More importantly, what I really appreciate is your honesty and honorable character. You are an upstanding gentleman who I respect and a person I’m proud to know.

    Rock on!
    Maria Ragusa-Burfield

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