…I’ve just contributed a piece of artwork to ‘Memories‘, an art book and exhibition that will raise money for Maggie’s Cancer Care Centres.  The project has been organised by Garrick Webster (Freelance Journalist_Computer Arts), Antony Kitson (OneTenEleven), Stuart Boyd (Subism) and Rishi Soda (DAHRA).

The project will look at the thoughts and memories of 12 individuals whose lives have been touched by cancer, both survivors and those who have lost loved ones. Each story will be illustrated by 12 leading illustrators and designers making for 144 pieces of artwork, culminating in an exhibition and book.

I have illustrated a very moving story written by Gordon Kirk from Dundee who was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in the Summer of 2008 just 6 weeks after the birth of his daughter.  As my wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at Easter this year and we have a daughter who was 2 a couple of weeks ago I felt a special attachment to the story and have produced what I feel to be a compelling piece of work for the project – thank you Antony for the opportunity to take part, and Gordon, my best wishes to you, and I hope you like my response to your story…

Memories Graphic - Luke O'Neill

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