Experimental work…

…I’ve been playing with various different projects of late, experimenting with imagery for children and also for another departure or two.  All totally different from the work that I am recognised for.  Here are a few of the children’s images.  We’ll see where it takes me in the future…

Easter Rabbit

Young Pedro



All works in progress, what do you think??

2 thoughts on “Experimental work…

  1. Thank you Q, your comments are most welcome and encouraging, I’ve looked up the Provenson’s, being in the UK I’d not come across them before, but I’ll certainly look for more.

    Thanks again,


  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely. You got something going here. The first two are my favorite.. Of course you know about the Provensons? If not…gets some of their childrens books (or cookbooks) and take a look…they could get you revved up.
    Keep going. They are GREAT.

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