Vintage PG…

…Last week I had to put a presentation together about myself, my work and my working practice.  I found this quite an enlightening thing to do and a lot of memories came flooding back.  Rather than just leave them in a presentation tucked away I thought I’d load a few images here as it would be a great thing to show others the developmental stages that my work has taken over the years.  Some of it would probably not stand up today, but I think and hope that some of it would, so without further ado…

…Early Fashion Illustration.  Most people won’t realize that I initially started my career hoping to work in the world of fashion, upon finishing my course there really wasn’t much being used/commissioned, so rather than become dejected I re-enrolled onto another course in Illustration and the conceptual world opened its doors.  I still love these drawings though and am currently thinking about developing them in some way, so there may be a new venture at some point.  I was taught at Epsom School of Art & Design (Now part of Surrey Institute) by Howard Tangye.

Paul Garland - Early Fashion Illustration

…Whilst studying I developed a ‘style’ of work which I quite liked at the time as it involved contrasts in both colour and texture using watercolour and gouache…

Paul Garland - early work 01

Paul Garland - early work 02

…After a few months producing work in this vain it soon became apparent that the work was taking too long when short deadlines were looming, I therefore developed this next ‘style’ of work which for a while became quite successful, it was produced using Artists’ quality gouache from Schmincke and sometimes Daler Rowney and Winsor & Newton onto stretched Saunders Waterford cold pressed paper.  The process was fun, I thoroughly enjoyed working in this way, but alas, the digital age loomed…

Paul Garland - Gouache 01

Paul Garland - Gouache 02

Paul Garland - Gouache 03

Paul Garland - Gouache 04

Paul Garland - Gouache 05

Paul Garland - Gouache 06

Paul Garland - Gouache 07

Paul Garland - Gouache 08

…It’s only right also to include a few of the pieces produced for Ritzenhoff over the years, they are a great German Crystal Glass company and are brilliant to work with…

Paul Garland - Ritzenhoff 01

Paul Garland - Ritzenhoff 02

Paul Garland - Ritzenhoff 03

…This only a very small selection of the work uncovered, I couldn’t quite believe just how much there was in fact, but I suppose in a career that has so far lasted 15 years professionally there was always going to be a reasonable amount, and for that I thank each and every Art Director with whom I have so far worked and am eagerly looking forward to the next 15+ years…

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