Abram Games…

…I’m quite chuffed to say that I have just managed to catch an exhibition on it’s last day in Sheffield.  What with everything that has been going on recently I thought I’d miss it, but I’m so pleased that it wasn’t to be the case.  An Exhibition of the work of Abram Games – Maximum Meaning, Minimum Means’ was originally organised by the Design Museum in London in 2003 and has been touring since.  Abram Games quite simply was a master of 20th century poster design and has been a big inspiration to me for the majority of my career.  I personally rate him as one of the greatest ever to produce Illustrative graphic work and I know I’m not alone in this.  The most interesting things for me within the exhibition were the insight into his working practice via video and preparatory sketches.  Along with original works and maybe most interesting of all was a statement which said that Games produced around 30 tiny thumbnails before choosing one to work into a rough to present to clients, if the client rejected this idea, he politely suggested that they use somebody else to produce the work.  If only this could be the way to work today – I wish…


Abram Games_ flyer_p1

Abram Games flyer p2

Abram Games Sheffield 2010

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