SquareMeal Artwork…

…Just finished the artwork for the SquareMeal Magazine spread, the article is titled “What To Drink Now” and is about which wines to drink throughout the calendar year.  A calendar of some description was required along with the countries of origin of the mentioned wines and their types.  So, quite a bit to get in – how to make it visually exciting was the main challenge and yet simple to read.  I came up with the idea of a bunch of grapes, 12 of which have the twelve months of the year abbreviated on them in hand rendered type.  There were 9 wines mentioned, I decided to depict the different wine bottle shapes – red, white, sparkling and sherry, but instead of using more type, to replace the wine labels with the map outlines of the individual countries.  I was also asked to produce two accompanying spots for the following spreads.  These are very simple, yet in keeping…They’ve gone down well with the Art Director, thanks Meg, it was a joy – now for a glass or two, I’m shattered…

Wine Calendar - SquareMeal - Paul Garland

Wine Glasses - SquareMeal - Paul Garland

Wine Bottle - SquareMeal - Paul Garland

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