Happy Valentine’s Day…

…After feeling pretty darned grotty for a few weeks with a nasty bout of flu I am back in the driving seat as it were.  It’s heart day as I’ve been saying to my little girl, she spent the time to make me little crafty cards, lots of glitter and glue everywhere and as always I have done my bit.  My work is slowly taking on a metamorphosis as it does from time to time, I am developing some work which am I hoping will cover both my usual markets and the children’s market together, so here goes…

…First of all to my gorgeous wife, love you, you’ve been so brave this past year, let’s hope 2011 is much brighter…


…And secondly, how could I miss out my beautiful little girl, I love you more than anything in the whole wide world, here’s the first of many valentine’s cards from your Daddy (and yes, it is a sneak peek at one of the characters from my first children’s story and hopefully book)…

Jilly Giraffe

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