…I’ve just completed three new projects for Ritzenhoff, the highly respected German Crystal glass company.  I’ve been working for them on and off for almost 14 years, blimey, that makes me feel old.  The latest projects that they have asked me to submit for are all ones that I have produced work for before, Bier, Schnapps and Champus.  Here are the three works, none of which are in context, but they look pretty good.  The only difference to my everyday Illustration work is that they are all produced in flat colours, no textures or gradients are possible.  The Beer and Schnapps glasses also have beer mats which also have to be designed for and the designs must match as they are part of the same product line even though they are sold separately.  There is also a limit to 6 pantone colours for the designs.  The Champagne glass on the other hand is limited to either Gold, Silver or Black or a combination of these.  I have produced something very humorous for the Champus glass, which if I’m really honest I’m not sure if they are going to get, the first person to open the file in Germany asked if there was something missing and had I sent all of the file – English humour, I think it’s fun, what do you think?  The Beer glass simply uses a bird with a piece of barley in its mouth.  The schnapps glass has taken a lot of inspiration from my trip to Mexico, and whilst tequila is not your typical schnapps type of beverage, it still works as a chaser…

champus design for Ritzenhoff

Beer Glass for Ritzenhoff

Schnapps Glass for Ritzenhoff

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