Cover for Imbibe Magazine…

…Just completed – a cover illustration for the Award Winning drinks trade magazine – Imbibe.  The image had to relate to the main issue article about the new crop of wines from the Bordeaux region of France which are apparently a vintage and have high prices to match.

The image is actually a re-working of a concept that I came up with for a wine calendar for Square Meal magazine, as they derive from the same publishing house (and same A/D) I had no problems in accepting.  The challenge was to make it significantly different from the first and still look as fresh as possible – I’m pleased with it.

This may soon become a very ‘Vintage’ image if the Eurozone can’t sort out the fate of the ‘Euro’ soon, before too long we could see the end of both it and the E.U…

Bordeaux Wines - Imbibe

Imbibe Cover

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