Runners World…

…new image for Runners World to accompany an article titled ‘Run Well to Get Well’.  The idea came to me pretty much right away and was accepted as soon as the drawings were submitted.  Just a simple ‘does what it says on the tin’ type of thing really.

I actually produced 6 separate illustrations of running shoes at A4 size and then produced a separate image for the tablet blister pack.  I think if it were up to me I would have limited the colours a little more, but the A/D wanted different colours for each and was happy with the result.  I think if I get 5 minutes I’ll play with it a bit and limit the colours just for my own peace of mind to check that it would be more vibrant limiting the colour palette…


running shoe_01

running shoe_02


running shoe_03

running shoe_04

running shoe_05

running shoe_06

And the final artwork:

Runners World - Health


1 thought on “Runners World…

  1. I like this work Paul agree with you about
    all the colours as its quite busy but it obviously met the brief. You have been busy again. Love mum

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