Memories Book Launch…

…after 2 years of very hard work by the team behind the Memories Book, tonight is the night of the big launch.  For those of you who are unaware it is a charity project lavishly produced to include 12 cancer related stories.  6 are from people who have lost friends or relatives to the horrible disease and 6 are from people who have survived it.  Each of the stories has then been passed to 12 top International Illustrators or Designers (I am very proud to be counted amongst them) making a total of 144 pieces of artwork.

The book is available right now from this link for the the extremely affordable sum of £10 plus shipping to any location in the world.  It’s not very often that the entire cover price of a product goes directly to the charity in concern but in this case, thanks to the kindness of the printer Taylor Bloxham and the paper sponsor Robert Horne Group this has been achieved making it an even bigger reason to purchase a copy.

The charity that will benefit from this project is Maggies Cancer Caring Centres and tonight they are hosting the launch event in London.

I’d like to personally take this opportunity to thank Rishi Sodha, Stuart Boyd, Antony Kitson and Garrick Webster for coming up with the idea, planning it and seeing the whole thing through.

Finally, may I please ask anyone reading this to please re-post it anywhere that they can to advertise this and raise as much money as possible for this brilliant cause.

Memories Book

Memories Book Cover by: Luke O’Neill

why fronts - paul garland

My submission – ‘WHY fronts’

1 thought on “Memories Book Launch…

  1. Pretty amazing piece of work Paul well
    done! Well done too to everyone involved
    good that you have all shared not only
    your own experiences but are prepared to
    help others by raising funds marvelous xx
    Thanks Paul lots of love xx

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