Drawings for CURRENTS…

…I thought I might change things around a little here and post my rough drawings before the artwork, so here’s the first, it’s one of three new jobs  for CURRENTS, the other two are to follow…

…To accompany an article about the US Supreme Court and how they have taken up the issue of affirmative action in Universities.  To some observers the court’s actions “may further restrict or ban affirmative action in Universities, or perhaps eliminate it altogether.  To further restrict or ban affirmative action would severely reduce the number of talented African American and Latino students enrolling in the nation’s most selective institutions of higher learning.”  Another delicate subject matter to be handled as sensitively as was possible.  I had two initial ideas, both were liked by the A/D’s – the first was to have a strawberry laying on it’s side with the colour slowly draining from it and dripping down over the counter.


This idea, although really liked was thought to potentially look potentially too much like dripping blood, something that I must admit that I didn’t think about until it was pointed out, so I had a go with different fruits and adding blackberries and blueberries, but this then became far too complicated compared to the simplicity of the original drawing.

We therefore went for the other option – a gum ball machine with broken glass spilling out several gum balls of various colours to represent the various races concerned.  The artwork for this piece has been accepted and will be posted nearer to publication time.


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