…As promised, a second set of drawings for CURRENTS, this time on the delicate subject of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender communities and how they can be embraced further and more positively within the Educational system…

…The article initially touched on the Stonewall Riots in 1969 which marked the start of the Gay Rights Movement.  This was something that had to be researched by myself as I knew nothing about it, it was this that led me to my first idea – a pastiche of the Woodstock Festival Poster also from 1969 (just 2 months after the riots) and also in the NYC area, so I felt there was a connection to some degree, my only reservation and it was mentioned by myself upon submission, was the delicate possibilities of copyright infringement.  As an obvious ‘pastiche’ though I gambled to submit it and see what the A/D’s thought.  They liked the idea, they could see the connection, but didn’t want to gamble on a court case for the sake of it which was and is absolutely fair enough.  Here is the drawing in any case and also the original Woodstock poster…

I intended for the colours to all remain as in the original apart from the guitar’s fretboard which would take the form of a rainbow (the GLBT community’s recognised logo) and the type would be changed to ‘8% of Men and Women’ which refers to a quotation within the text – “8 percent of men and women identify themselves of the GLBT community.”  And a heart was exchanged for the dove’s beak.

Here is the original by Arnold Skolnick which has been previously pastiched many times in the last 4 decades…

woodstock poster

I submitted my next idea based around the rainbow and also took some reference from the Woodstock idea by including a bird, not a dove, but an origami bird with each triangular section rendered brightly in rainbow colours.

First was an open cage hanging from a rainbow…

Then there was a birds nest hanging from a rainbow, the suggestion was then made that rainbow coloured origami birds may not require a rainbow at all, so then we went to this…

Both the A/D’s and myself instantly stated that a nest and eggs may not be right for this for obvious reasons (at least I hope they are obvious reasons) so the birds nest was replaced by a bird bath, it was agreed, no more drawings were required.  The artwork has been completed, submitted and accepted and I am extremely pleased with the result, it’s just that little bit different, but you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks until publication to see it – ooh the tension, it’s worth checking back for though – promise!

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