Vintage Wines…

…Another new set of drawings, this time for Meg at Square Meal Magazine for a full page illustration to accompany an article titled “Good Times” about the increasing reliability in wines becoming vintages. “Bad vintages are becoming a thing of the past, thanks to warmer weather and savvy winemakers.”

1- A grape with a clock face.

"grape clock"

2 – A wine bottle with an hourglass section in the middle.

"hourglass bottle"

3 – An hourglass with grapes filtering through with dates contained to show the year of ‘vintage’.

"hourglass grapes"

4 – Dancing Corkscrews, a fun idea, but this signified the corkscrews ‘having a good time’ rather than the age of the wine, I thought I’d submit it anyway though.

"dancing corkscrews"

5 – A corkscrew just pulling a cork, the corkscrew and its shadow gave the impression of clock hands on the cork. –  This was in fact my first idea and you know what they say about first ideas always being the best, well in this case it was very true, this was the chosen solution I was very pleased to find out, it went to artwork and was very well received – I’ll submit it here in a couple of weeks, stay tuned!

"corkscrew clock"

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