New for Smithsonian…

…This was a very quick turn around job for Maria at the Smithsonian Magazine, to accompany a front-of-the-book article which appears alongside the contents page.  The article was basically about Artificial Intelligence programs passing themselves off as human and how technology is progressing.  The connection was the British mathematician and World War II codebreaker Alan Turing who was born 100 years ago in June and a test that has been developed and held annually called the “Turing Test”…

1 – A brain and computer ‘talking’ – if this had gone to artwork I would have used bright transparent tones and overlapped them to form secondary colours to signify the communication!


2 – Speech Bubble – this one was a bit more literal, the speech bubble morphing into computer mouse.  Maybe a says ‘computer talk’ rather than taking to a computer…


3 – Trying to cover all angles, I came up with the idea of a portrait of Alan Turing and placed his mouth in the computer screen.  Probably a bit too literal, who knows.

"Alan Turing"

4 – Communication – this was the chosen idea, the artwork was completed last night and signed off straight away.  Two very simple figure shapes ‘talking’ to one another, one with a brain, the other with a computer chip/processor.  It was certainly my favourite solution and that was echoed around the Smithsonian office.  I’ll post the artwork in a few weeks when it’s gone to print.

"Turing Test"

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