Israeli-Palestinian Conflict…

…New cover for Alex at the Broward Palm Beach New Times to accompany a very delicate article on the Political conflict between Israel and Palestine and it’s recent impact on life at Florida Atlantic University after ‘fake’ eviction notices were posted to the dorms of 200 students to raise awareness of the situation and support for the group ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’…

…I had several ideas, but these were the two best submitted to Alex.

1 – Free Speech this was the more graphic solution, perhaps tamer for a cover, but still said what it had to (pardon the pun) and was the chosen solution.

"Free Speech"

2 – Stitched Lips this was more political and could have been great, but the simpler option was chosen, the barbed wire used to stitch the lips slowly morphs into origami doves – another for another time I think!

"Stitched Lips"

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