…New drawings for a Cover commission for Acc Docket a Law Journal in the US.  The article that it accompanies is titled ‘Thinking About a Career Transition to a Non-Profit Organization?’ to appear as the July/August cover and internal feature.  There was one sentence/quotation that summed up the entire article for me with regard to the transition to Non-Profit and it was this – “You may take a pay cut, but you’ll get a life raise.”

…I sent several ideas over, many of which were liked as solutions, we finally settled on the High Diver to coincide with the fact that the issue appears when the Olympic Games take place…here are some of them…

1 – Business/Beach This idea has a shadow of a lawyer on a beach, the urban skyline would have been made up of the coastal tide in white, the whole background in sandy yellow and the shadow would have taken on a less formal swimsuited character.  Emphasising more time for family and leisure in the Non-Profit arena.


2 – Birds This idea was to include several birds all looking the same and facing in the same direction, in business suit type colours, with one bird looking in the opposite direction, brightly coloured, perhaps even Hawaiian in dress.


3 – Suited This idea is very simple, a suited character wearing a tie decorated in Palm Trees.


4 – Brogues One happy stress free brogue, the other looking a little tired and over-worked.


5 – High Diver This was the chosen idea, the artwork went straight through and takes the form of a vintage Olympic poster.  Within the article there was quite an emphasis on the word ‘jump’ – “making the jump to non-profit.”  As it is an issue due out at the same time as the Olympics, it just fitted as a metaphor.

"olympic diver"

6 – High Jump This one could have worked equally as well as the diver, a high ‘jumper’.

"olympic high jump"

Thank you to Jamie at Bussolati.

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