Boca’s Holy War…

…Here is the finished artwork and published cover for last week’s Broward Palm Beach New Times to accompany a very delicate article on the Political conflict between Israel and Palestine and it’s recent impact on life at Florida Atlantic University after ‘fake’ eviction notices were posted to the dorms of 200 students to raise awareness of the situation and support for the group ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’, you can see the rough drawings submitted here…Many thanks to A/D Alex.

I don’t normally do this, as colour is one of my strong points, on this occasion however once the artwork was completed I thought it may be a little too bright for the subject matter so decided to offer colour alternatives to Alex to make a choice from.  I could (and some may say – should) have kept this to myself but I’d like to show the alternatives to show just how different an image can look just by altering the colours.

1 – Here is the original (I still like it, but think it’s not right for the subject matter as stated)

"Holy War" - 01

2 – A blue based alternative – this was the chosen version by Alex.

"Holy War" - 02

3 – The printed cover

"Broward New Times" Cover

4 – A black version – this has become my personal favourite since the work was completed.

"Holy War" - 03

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