Olympic Diver…

…At last I can reveal the finished artwork, cover and spread for Acc Docket Magazine.  The drawings were posted a couple of weeks ago here.

The article title was changed to sit better with my artwork which was a nice surprise when I saw it finished.  The original title was ‘Thinking About a Career Transition to a Non-Profit Organization?’  I therefore decided to use the Olympics as a metaphor (‘jump’) as it is a July/August issue and to try to create a vintage poster feel.  The Olympics officially start tomorrow – it seems like forever since London was handed the Olympics but boy has time recently flown by.

"Olympic Diver - Paul Garland"

The type has been beautifully handled by Jamie at Bussolati as can be seen in the spread below.

"High Diver - Paul Garland"


Finally, the cover itself – thank you Jamie for the call, it was a joy!

"Acc Docket - cover - Paul Garland"

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