…Quite possibly one of the most difficult jobs that I have yet produced was for the current issue of CURRENTS Magazine and not just a small image, but the cover and a spread were required.  The obstacle shall we say was that the story and text wasn’t submitted to the office until well after I had completed the artwork.  There was a rough idea of what the article was about and it concerned the 100th Anniversary of the formation of CASE, the organisation behind CURRENTS, so the story was quit important for the issue.  Several concepts were sent over and nothing was working.  Angela, the Art Director mentioned the possibility of finding something from ‘stock’, I then just sent one word back to her – ‘Bridges’, I don’t know why, but conceptually it fitted, we decided to go with it.  The spread though a fairly complicated image to produce was a fairly simple image of the Golden Gate Bridge, running right across the two pages…

Golden Gate BridgeThe cover was a little more complicated, as the Golden Gate Bridge is so very recognisable, the cover had to be similarly a ‘real bridge’ though less recognisable, so the Brooklyn Bridge was my choice, the difference, was that the concept of ‘connections’ had to be incorporated.  Here is the result, I’ll post the printed images as soon as I have them…

Currents - Brooklyn Bridge

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