Wall Street Journal – Northern Lights…

…New for The Wall Street Journal.  A very quick turn around job for an article titled ‘Searching for the Gift of Light’ within the Travellers Tales section on Saturday (7th December).  Written by novelist Ann Hood, it describes a visit to Norway as the ‘Perfect Gift’ for her husband Lorne who regularly ‘woos’ her with romantic and beautiful gifts whilst the gifts offered in return often lay unused in a closet.  As Lorne is an intrepid explorer, having scaled Kilimanjaro amongst others, this then should be the perfect gift from Ann.  Unfortunately during the visit, the lights don’t shine bright and green.  Lorne is more than happy with the ‘experience’, whilst leaving Ann a little disappointed that she couldn’t deliver on her gift quite as expected…

My response therefore is a snow globe filled with a shining Norwegian landscape, almost like a wish.  I was given the dimensions to work within which changed due to other features and stories at short notice.  As soon as the drawings were approved, I was asked to submit both an image to scale and also one with just the hand holding the snow globe, this was really not a problem due to the artwork being produced in layers.

The full image tells the whole story with a dreary, flat light and snow falling in the background, whilst the hand and globe tell just enough and as a result it was this that was printed.  Which is the better image, not really for me to say, as long as the Art Director and design team were happy then it’s a successful job.  I think they probably made the right choice, though I do like the original – what do you think??

Original image:

Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights, Paul GarlandPrinted Artwork:

Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights, Paul Garland

Further detailed images may be seen here.

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