Collective Arts Brewing…

…A couple of months ago I produced a piece of work for a beer bottle for Collective Arts Brewing‘s Series 2.

From their web site: “We are a grassroots beer company fusing the craft of brewing with the inspired talents of emerging and seasoned artists, musicians, photographers & filmmakers. Our brewery is dedicated to promote artists and raise creative consciousness through the sociability of craft beer.”

They receive quite a number of submissions for each series, so it’s nice to be in the company of many very talented creative people.  Thank you to the judges and founders for  choosing to produce my work.

I chose to slightly recycle an older image as it was very appropriate for the project – first of all they are Canadian company and the Polar Bear is quite simply a majorly recognisable part of Canada’s culture and landscape.

I tried to rather wittily title the image “Polar Beer”, bit naff maybe, but it works.  For anybody who may know the original image, I have changed the champagne bottle for a version of the beer bottle and initially kept the straw, but apparently Canadian advertising laws don’t permit imagery of the actual ‘drinking’ of alcohol – bit strange I know, so I was asked to remove the straw and place a cap on the bottle, still looks okay though I think.

Thank you again to Matt Johnston and particularly to Bob Russell whom I had quite a few conversations with – Cheers!




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