Seoul Illustration Fair 2016…

…I have been invited to participate in the Seoul Illustration Fair which starts today and runs through until Monday 11th July 2016.

I’d like to thank Insu Lee for Inviting me to exhibit work alongside many of the world’s top illustrators, and also for the amount of effort that he has put into organising the exhibition.

The exhibition takes place at COEX Hall D, Seoul, South Korea.

Below are posters specially commissioned for the show and designed by two award winning graphic designers in Korea Daeki Shim and Hyun Cho.

The poster will be printed as a hologram and with 91 squares it represents the 91 participants and the round shape on the right side of bottom symbolizes “the world” and “United”.  Thank you for the amount of thought which has gone into a great piece of design.

Poster Front:

Poster Front

Poster Reverse:

Poster Back



My exhibited piece, printed large scale (17″ x 23″) – ‘Grass-eaters’ for Johns Hopkins Magazine:


Thank you Insu!

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