‘Stand Stronger Together’…

…I was approached by TLC Holdings in the summer to produce a new piece of work for their re-design of the Association of Illustrators website.  As a longstanding member of the AOI (25 years and counting – ouch that makes me feel old!) I was delighted and flattered to be asked to contribute.  There are 6 images rotating on the homepage from some brilliant contempraries – Sam Chivers, Isobel Barber, Kirsten Sims, Julian Glander and last but but no means least, the great Oliver Jeffers, some great company to be amongst.

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‘Addiction Safe House’…

…New for Johns Hopkins Magazine, Fall 2017 Issue.

The story is about safe consumption spaces for illegal drugs, which a professor in the Bloomberg School of Public Health is suggesting as a way to combat drug overdoses.  This idea is modelled on Insite, located in Vancouver, which is North America’s first supervised drug injection centre; where people can safely inject, smoke, or inhale illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and morphine. They are supervised by trained medical staff without fear of prosecution.

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‘Stiff Upper Lip’…

…A new image produced following an invitation to take part in the Great British Postcard Competition by the Marketing team for Saxoprint – Freestyle Interactive.

This piece is a response to the traditional ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ attitude of the British as described below:

None of us should be embarrassed, worried or even scared to speak about issues that affect our lives, why then are the British so scared about speaking up for ourselves or others and tarnished with a ‘stiff upper lip’ attitude? There are stories about nurses worried that if they say anything detrimental about their working conditions that they will lose their jobs, MP’s that have to resign when speaking up about the root causes for problems and even members of the Royal Family who can’t (until now) admit that major events have affected them. Recently the head of the London Fire Brigade spoke up about counselling after the Grenfell Fire disaster – maybe things are slowly starting to change – I for one hope so!


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…New illustration looking at Brexit in a positive way.  I was invited to submit work for the project by Julia Protesaru at Freestyle Interactive for Saxoprint.

Could Brexit lead to a renewed boost in British Trade & Industry, encouraging new ‘home’ employment, education and apprenticeships and subsequently lead to a greater economy?


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London Visit…

…I finally managed to get to London to visit the two exhibitions containing my work.  The Prize for Illustration at London Transport Museum in Covent Garden (show runs until September 3rd) and The World Illustration Awards at Somerset House (show runs until August 28th).

With Amber at the London Transport Museum.


Amber’s ‘Favourite Thing’ in the museum.


Signing Posters at the Transport Museum, available here for the ridiculously low price of £14.99 plus shipping.


After three days running around London, Amber finally spotted one at Embankment.


Amber at Somerset House.




WIA Exhibition catalogue.





Posters on the Underground…

…From today on the London Underground poster circuit – my poster for the Prize for Illustration 2017.

Thank you to Wendy Neville for sending me a copy.

Any photos from London travellers would be welcome and appreciated, thank you!

London Transport Museum
The Association of Illustrators


Inclusive Communication…

…New cover and internal for Bulletin Magazine.

A cover and internal full page image for Bulletin, the magazine for the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists to accompany a major article on ‘Inclusive Communication’.
We all expect in 2017 for physically disabled persons to be able to easily access public buildings and people who are blind, partially sighted or have hearing problems should also be well accounted for, but people who have speech and communication problems aren’t offered an equal amount of thought and care.  At present there isn’t an Internationally recognised ‘communication access’ symbol, so over the past year the RCSLT have been working with the ‘Stroke Association’, ‘Communication Matters’ and others to consider and develop a possible symbol for communication access.
Visit: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/C7F9Z95 to get involved in the process of choosing a suitable symbol/logo.



Full page internal.


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