‘Taming Opioids’…

…A full page illustration to accompany a feature article in Johns Hopkins Health Review.

2.6 million Americans have been diagnosed with an opioid disorder.  Is this narcotic safe? Learn the facts and get advice on how to manage pain in the era of addiction.
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Taming Opioids

‘Green Machine’…

Full page illustration for Imbibe Magazine to accompany an article on the popularity and restaurant ‘bankability’ of Sauvignon Blanc.  Highlighting the changes to the style from the original variety hailing from Sancerre in France, to the newcomers such as those from Marlborough in New Zealand.

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Love Is Love…

…I was asked last week, if I’d like to contribute to a collaborative animation project for Valentine’s Day. A sucker for Love, I agreed and the project is live today on schedule. The project was organised by an Australian Creative Services Company – Heckler.

A very simple palette of 7 colours was requested to be adhered to, to allow the overall cohesion of the animation.  I was given frame number 95 to illustrate and it appears for its fraction of a second at around 10 seconds into the film and is below.

Love Is Love - Kiss

The completed animation resides here: https://vimeo.com/203924571