‘Care for a Quick Bite?’…

…New for For Delta Sky Magazine (Delta Airlines) To accompany an article on a new video / movie streaming service for smartphones due to launch later in 2019, QUIBI.

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Inclusive Communication…

…New cover and internal for Bulletin Magazine.

A cover and internal full page image for Bulletin, the magazine for the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists to accompany a major article on ‘Inclusive Communication’.
We all expect in 2017 for physically disabled persons to be able to easily access public buildings and people who are blind, partially sighted or have hearing problems should also be well accounted for, but people who have speech and communication problems aren’t offered an equal amount of thought and care.  At present there isn’t an Internationally recognised ‘communication access’ symbol, so over the past year the RCSLT have been working with the ‘Stroke Association’, ‘Communication Matters’ and others to consider and develop a possible symbol for communication access.
Visit: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/C7F9Z95 to get involved in the process of choosing a suitable symbol/logo.



Full page internal.


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