‘The Power of Hidden Teams’…

…New for Harvard Business Review, to accompany an article about how the most-engaged employees work together in ways companies don’t even realise.

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SILA Illustration West 57 Winners…

…The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles’ annual awards completion has been judged and I am proud to announce that I have two images accepted into the show – ‘Illustration West 57’.

The first in the Editorial category for ‘Zoonosis’ an illustration completed for Johns Hopkins Magazine.


The second in the Institutional Category for ‘Donate’ an illustration completed for DKMS.


Many thanks to the organisers, all of the judges and of course to the Art Directors for commissioning the works.

‘Cosmic Heels’…

Full page illustration for Le Parisien WEEK-END.  An open brief to include shoe fashion and the galaxy/cosmos, the cover type translate to:

“France has incredible heels.
In the Schiaparelli workshops, we are not there to thread pearls.
Before you hit the road in a luxury German limousine, follow
our advice to be the most beautiful of the universe.”
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