…My usual 20 second journey to work took a little longer this morning, though possibly not as long as some.  I couldn’t call in to say that I couldn’t get to work though as my studio – ‘South Fork’ is situated at the bottom of my garden.  I’ve never seen snow like this though, ever.  2 ft of the stuff overnight, it’s still snowing now and is forecast into next week.  Bit of a cold snap then.  For those of you in foreign climes this type of thing may be the norm, but here in the UK, it’s certainly not, particularly at the end of November/beginning of December.  The area has come to a complete standstill…

"South Fork" "Paul Garland" "pgarland"

South Fork 01

"South Fork" "Paul Garland" "pgarland"

South Fork 02

"South Fork" "Paul Garland" "pgarland"

South Fork 03

"Garden Tree" "Paul Garland" "pgarland"

Garden Tree

"Snow" "Paul Garland" "pgarland"


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