Children in Need…

…here in the UK one of the largest fundraising days of the calendar year is Children in Need, organised by the BBC, it has a rich history and every year raises millions and millions of pounds for various children’s charities.  Donations may be made to this very worthy cause by clicking here.  In 1985 the main character, Pudsey Bear was created, a bright yellow bear with a spotty bandana draped across one eye.  This year Pudsey gets a girlfriend, Blush.

My little lady has a fancy dress competition and lots of events planned at her Nursery school tomorrow which she is very excited about.  Now fancy dress to a little 3 year old girl who is currently obsessed with Princesses could only mean one thing – dressing up as a princess.  Every day she goes to Nursery and is asked who she is today – one day Cinderella, another Belle, the next Sleeping Beauty and so on, today she was Pocahontas which really threw her teachers.

Anyway, dressing up as a princess isn’t really too relevant and she was really not too keen on dressing up as a bear (or even a pirate or superhero come to that) so enter Daddy.  This year the BBC are going all out with the ‘spots’ for the campaign so I had the idea to simply decorate a t-shirt for her to go with the spotty ears that her mum had bought her from the charity web site.  Now what does spots say to you, to me it’s Ishihara colour tests which have always fascinated me.  So here’s Pudsy, hidden away in a blaze of colourful dots…have fun little lady.

children in need - Paul Garland

3 thoughts on “Children in Need…

  1. Ah bless them, Tim is too, very in fact…I must admit that it was only inspired by the Ishihara system and not technically correct, but the idea was definitely there. Amber’s here with me now getting very excited to see Pudsy and Blush, dunno how long she’ll last, tiredness is setting in. Hope you’re all well. xx

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