Time to update…

…I am fully aware that my presence has been lacking of late, very unprofessional, but as I have been so busy I’ll let myself off a little.

So, what have I been up to that has taken up so much time, well luckily for me it’s been all work work work.  Here’s a quick overview, with separate posts to follow:

In the last few weeks I have produced – 6 pieces of work for Ritzenhoff, Illustrations for American Lawyer, Smithsonian Magazine and IMBIBE magazine, a book cover, and a competition entry for the SERCO Illustration Awards, so lots of late nights and no time for anything else really – just the way I like it, thank you to all concerned.

Just last night I was offered another year long contract to produce column illustrations for CURRENTS, always nice to get repeat business and with such amazing people to work for and with it’s most welcome.

I now desperately need to update both here on my blog and also to update my web site.  There are several personal projects that are also ongoing and to be started over the next couple of weeks as time permits…

…The last week has been a little more sombre as I lost an Auntie last Monday following a long fight with cancer, she was a lovely lady who helped me greatly in the earlier stages of my career by always putting a roof over my head whenever I was in London, you’ll always be remembered very fondly by all who knew you Mal – love you always and enjoy the next stage of your journey – R.I.P. xx

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