Well what a lightweight, how am I going to get on with this at this rate? There is a reason for my lack of activity though, first of all I’ve had some personal work to do, secondly and most importantly I am getting married next week, bloody hell, how scary, that seems to have caught up a bit quickly….so various things have had to be done on that front as I am away on Saturday to The Maldives to get wed on the beach at sunset to a very special young lady and god do I feel lucky to have her. And finally, I have to admit, the work that I have done thus far has been shite!!! It has stressed me out a bit to say the least, for somebody who is a bit of a perfectionist, it’s not easy to admit that I am failing, but then that is what this course is for, to cock it up, rip it to bits, analyse it, see where it’s going wrong and then put it right.

I am not one to dwell though, so as this is all looking a bit duff at the minute I am going to scrap this project and just get to grips with drawing again. As I naturally draw in a very loose way, letting the line go for a walk on the page, not correcting any mistakes and just seeing where it takes me, that is what I want to achieve in my artwork. Using a computer as a medium for the last few years has I feel restricted me a little in development, so it’s time to get back to basics, and re-train myself to ‘see’.

So, it’s sketchbooks, pencils and a little watercolour in the bag with me in the sunshine for 2 weeks, then the same at home for a while before hitting the print room (actually turning up at University) and getting on with some screen prints.

Anyway, here’s the disaster on the ‘Fire’ front. I know what the problem is, it looks far too ‘comic book’ for my liking. Conceptually it works, the actual fire references would have probably been better simply as smoke, I could then have kept just to shades of blue, hindsight’s a wonderful thing. There are elements that have worked though, I like the typography, I quite fancy taking that much further in my sketchbooks and in the print room, but again, much looser. And the fireworks as a theme obviously work. It was only when I started drawing the little rivets on the rocket that I noticed that it started to look like a ‘Brogue’ or old ‘Spat’. So that could open up in a different avenue, perhaps a story may develop, maybe a picture book of some sort. So here it is, I can’t hide it away totally……………..

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