What a shite couple of weeks, very sadly my Auntie Pearl has passed away following a very short battle with cancer on 23rd February.

I don’t need to go into too much detail, needless to say it has been a very traumatic time for us all. The funeral was on Tuesday and wherever she now is, I hope it’s a happy place. I very quickly managed to produce a peice of artwork in a couple of hours for the ‘Order of Service’ which may be seen here.

In between Pearl’s passing away and the funeral, I managed to get away for a short 4 day trip to Prague with Cheryl, drawings, photographs and artwork are to follow – watch this space…

Prague I found to be an incredible place, full of inspiration and colour. I spent one day on my own (while Cheryl was in a conference) and visited a couple of exhibitions, the vast majority of the time was spent in the Alphonse Mucha Museum…

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