The End of Geography…

…As promised here is the last of the three recent commissions from Jen and Angela at CURRENTS, the title of this piece is ‘The End of Geography’ and relates to the Globalization of Higher Education and the Advancement Strategies of US establishments.  How do they stay current, and compete with the rest of the world for students?  Economies have changed, as has the locus of wealth.

I managed to develop lots of ideas for this commission, here are a handful of the most interesting, I may even be able to use some of these either in future projects or certainly in promo work when time permits, so you never know they may ‘pop’ up again…

1 – Sushi – this was my first idea and to be honest I thought I had it right away with this one, the US map is basically the piece of salmon on the plate, on top of a bed of rice and the piece of sushi that has been picked up by the chopsticks has a map of the rest of the world upon it and has therefore been ‘chosen’.  It would have been rendered to look like rice, cucumber and fish etc.


2 – Apple – with the globe taking the form of an apple, the US has been bitten out, therefore highlighting the option of students to attend establishments from the rest of the world.


3 – Ice Cream – the globe/ice cream idea has the US melting and dripping down the cone with the rest of the world still in tact.

"ice cream globe"

4 – Liberty – this was one of those ideas that looked interesting, the A/D’s specifically ask for no educational references within the illustrations unless the ideas are outstanding, it’s not for me to say that this is outstanding, but it would certainly work as an image.  The Statue of Liberty is holding a book, is dressed in a graduation gown and cap but her flame has gone out.  The very delicate matter of smoke floating across Manhattan was my main concern, yes, the idea would work, but it’s still very delicate as a subject even a decade on.

"Statue of Liberty"

5 – Paint Roller – this idea sparked the final image, so although the artwork is not specifically this, it was thought of as the way to go.  The majority of the readership is female, so we have a female character painting over a very rough and tatty looking wall which has the US map painted upon it, the newly painted area of wall has the rest of the world looking all shiny and pristine.  As an idea and a concept I’m sure it’ll be used again somewhere.


…I also tried a smaller, close-up version of this, but it didn’t have anywhere near the same impact visually.  There were 3 other ideas also, but this is enough for now.


As I said, this is not the final idea, but it’s close, I’m going to leave it as a little teaser for now.  So stay tuned for a couple of weeks until I can post the artwork…

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